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    Our group works on signaling in reproduction and cancer in the reproductive tract, with many subspecificities. The main focus lies on the investigation of physiological and pathological cell signaling in reproduction. Here our main goal is to identify basic calcium-dependent mechanisms. In previous work we have characterized the activity of voltage-gated calcium channels of mouse spermatozoa and the clearance mechanisms which spermatozoa use to decrease elevated intracellular calcium concentrations. Recent work examined bicarbonate action on the initiation of early sperm functions during fertilization and sperm motility. Our second main topic of research interest is calcium-dependent signal transduction in prostate cells. We use different in-vitro models to identify the mechanisms used by peptides such as angiotensin II and bradykinin to interact with prostate epithelial and stromal cells. Please find detailed information about our previous and ongoing research on our reseach page. We have many open projects available. Students are welcome to inquire to join our group. more